Creativity Binge: September Songs

I had a harsh realization last week. It was another instance where I learned something about myself that probably should have been obvious if I had stopped to pay attention for a half second. While looking over some of my best photos, I noticed that 89.25% of them I had taken over spans of time where I decided to take my camera with me everywhere. I’m calling this a “creative binge”. I’ve done this several times over the past few years. Mostly this happens when I’m in a new place or on vacation but every once in a while I’ll just bring my camera to the mall and out to dinner and walking around downtown. I do this over the course of a month in most cases and one thing is clear. This is how and when I do my best work.

This month I decided to do it with song writing. I’m not necessarily musically inclined, but I do have a way with words (or at least that’s what people tell me). Since I have been secretly writing songs for years and I feel like I’m getting pretty good at it, I’m actually going to take myself seriously. So my task for September…WRITE ONE SONG EVERY DAY!!!! I know it’s gonna be crazy hard, but I gave myself a couple of loopholes for those inescapable off days.

I still don’t know if I will be posting the songs publicly, but I hope if something great comes out of this I’ll have the courage to release it to the world. Maybe I will just post the song titles…I don’t know yet. Let me know what you think. This is a prickly process and I don’t know quite how to navigate it.

When this is all over I will probably be looking for some musicians, vocalist, and producers to collaborate with.

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