Kenya: Hello Sunrise

The last few days have been pretty exhausting. Lots of things are going right but a few things are not quite as they should be yet. A lot of what I’m doing is just not very fun to write about. Eventually there will be a working computer lab that the students work in with some level of reliability. I don’t have a specific person to pass on the important configuration information at this time. So I have to create some documents that will allow them to operate without too many problems. Of course communication will be a key to keeping it running smoothly, but that isn’t exactly a strength of the administrators here.

This morning was the highlight of the day. We woke up at 5am for a hike up to the top of the mountain that we live on. The only reason to be hiking that early is to make it to the top before sunrise. The hike seemed like forever in the pitch black of the early morning. My headlamp became my best friend. You certainly need both hands when you are alternating steps between dew moistened grass, slippery stones, and mud left over from afternoon downpours. I managed to make it to the top with only a hand full of dirt and a strong desire to take advantage of this brilliant photographic opportunity.

Since we were there with some time to spare before the main event, I made up a sort-of plan for how I would shoot. With two lenses, no tripod, and miles of beautiful landscape in every direction, this was going to be really difficult. I don’t have much to say about the photos. In this case they tend to speak for themselves. What I can say is that  experience was pretty incredible. The only problem with time sensitive shoots is that you miss out on certain elements of the moment, because your mind is focused on aperture and shutter speed. I doesn’t usually bother me since the end result is something I can take with me. I just wanted to mention it because I felt it.

I’m thinking about doing this hike again before I leave. Do you think I should? Maybe next time I will leave the camera at home.

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