I Met a Man

Most of you will be disappointed that the title does not refer to the scandalizing story you brewed up in the half second after you read it. Placing the emphasis on the word “met” is the mistake most of you made. I need for you to shift your focus to the final word in the statement.

I meet new people all the time. I meet lots of women since my wife is a social butterfly and they surround her like a lone streetlamp on a moonless night. Not nearly as often I meet other human beings who just happen to be males. Then, every once in a while under a blue moon speckled with silhouettes of soaring swine, I meet a man. A real one.

I stopped asking myself why real men are so hard to find. I get it. Defining yourself without image, status, accomplishments, or wealth is a very difficult thing to do. A real man lets his responsibility, honesty, integrity, and passion do the defining for him. A real man has no sales pitch for himself, since it is usually unnecessary and almost always false. At least that’s how I see it and feel free to disagree.

After 27 years here, I actually do know a few. Yesterday, I added one to the list. When we met we were both wearing sunglasses, one of which was a pair of Ray-Bans, so I’ll just call him Ray to protect his identity. I met him on Skype through a friend of mine who thought it was critical that we meet. I had heard of his delightfully keen observation skills through the grapevine, but I was utterly impressed. I was very impressed with Ray, but in some ways more impressed in my similarities to him. Our over-an-hour-long conversation (with an expressive musical intro) was entirely too long but still not quite long enough.

I don’t have the time to go into detail, so I will try to summarize. I met Ray for the first time, spoke with him for a little less than two hours about life, death, pain, love, sex, marriage, truth, confusion, God, and the desire to grab hold of all the untamed goodness that the world has to offer. Afterwards he described me with the most accuracy of any person that has attempted this to date. His description of me was as poetic and metaphorically on point as it was literal. I’ll leave you with it for anyone who does not know me they can theoretically use this to figure me out.

That boy is alive and knows how to dance. – Ray

Oh yeah, it was a pleasure to meet you.

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