Kenya: Work and Play

From the front porch

From the front porch

This morning I woke up at a normal hour which was nice. Breakfast was filled freshness as usual. I met the cow who provided the milk and I know that the chickens are not far from the computer lab, so I may pay them a visit today. The banana tree that gave us its fruit is right outside our kitchen window, as is the skumawiki (greens) that we ate with dinner last night.

I like the pace of the mornings here. Things need to be done, but I do enjoy at least 15-20 min of do nothing time. I usually use it to listen. I’m not particularly listening for anything. The sounds are just so different from the ones in Durham that it is fascinating. There are moments where I wouldn’t be able to count the unique species that I’m hearing on two hands. Sometimes I tune into my neighbors. I pretend to understand what they are saying. I don’t, but its still nice to take in the sounds of everyday life here.

This is only one part recreation for me. Jess and I still have things to do (Jess more so than myself). The need for a few specialty items led us back into Kisumu this afternoon. The plan was to get everything we needed, possibly have time to do some gift shopping, and meet another of our guest at the Kisumu Airport around 5:30 PM. Of course plans never go as planned, but it worked out for us in the end.

I’ve already described the transportation situation, so I’ll skip that for now. Our first stop was a small Lutheran church that subsidizes mosquito nets. You can buy them for 25% of the normal retail price. These are so important during malaria season (right now) but so many people do not have them. Many many patients go into the hospital, get treated, and go home to sleep in beds without mosquito nets. It’s nice that there are places locally that can help. Next stop was the Nakumatt. It was basically Wal-Mart on a slightly smaller scale. I couldn’t get over how expensive the American brands were. A jar of Kenyan brand peanut butter was about 3.50, but Skippy was like $10. I don’t know why anybody would buy that, for any reason. I don’t know, maybe there is an awesome recipe that is popular here that only works with Skippy. No way…


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