Revival of the Fitness

Getting back into the normal life routine after my trip to Kenya and coinciding job change was more pleasant than I expected. The benefits come largely from the fact that I’m working at a large university. I’m getting some opportunities here that I wouldn’t have expected. One of which has proven to be incredibly valuable to me and the people around me. It seems that I now have access to any type of fitness activity that I could dream of and its all a short walk from where I work.

Rock wall, basketball courts, raquetball, swimming pools, group fitness, and fencing (I will probably never do this, but it sounds cool). It’s pretty great and the best part is that its almost free. I haven’t looked closely, but I’m pretty sure its less that $10 per month and it comes out of my check automatically. Because its so inexpensive, there’s no pressure for me to use it, which is the bad part, but its so convenient I have a hard time talking myself out of it.

As I’m approaching 30, I’m exercising semi-regularly, trying to eat right, and getting tatted up. The best part is, even though I’m adding to my sexy I’m keeping all my nerdy. W00t!!!1!11!

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