September Songs: The List

For anyone who missed it I have decided to write a song (lyrics only) every day throughout the month of September. This page will be a running list of all the song titles and the date I finished it. Hopefully I can keep this up. I will be posting a tiny part of each song Facebook, if you are interested. You can help me too…If it starts getting late and you don’t see anything feel free to harass me.

Here goes it…

  • September 1st – “Red Sky”
  • Setptember 2nd – “Capture (Let Me…)”
  • September 3rd – “Furious”
  • September 4th – “Railroad”
  • September 5th – “Lime Green Backpack”
  • September 6th – “Why Would You”
  • September 7th – “Morning Storm”
  • September 8th – “Taste Like Trouble”

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