The Pie-Maker


If life was a business, I’m kinda feeling like I’m in the Fortune 5000 now. That’s not too bad considering there are over 7 Billion competing companies and a bunch of uber-cute start-ups coming in and making noise every minute.

Feeling generally good about where you are in life at any moment is quite an accomplishment. I wake up and I could worry about the thirty-five things that could go wrong today or the 11 things that went wrong yesterday or the 8 things I should have said but didn’t. There is no enjoyment in that. No passion. No Expression. No Love.

Now as good as I feel, I still struggle everyday. EVERYDAY! Once I realized that there wasn’t anything wrong with that, that’s when it got good. My new goal is to take all those unsettling, aching, annoying, painful, stressful, boring, awful things that happen everyday, blend it all up into a slightly chunky, slightly tart pie filling, bake that pie, take it out of the oven, eat the entire thing (hopefully while it’s still warm) with a huge glass of milk, and then use that wonderful feeling that you can only get from a delicious pie to make life beautiful. Lately, it has been writing songs, reading books, taking pictures, starting really good conversations, and spending time with friends and family.

Ok. That will do for today. Time to go make pie!

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